Wizarding Trade

Wizarding Trade

2019, Nov 09    

A couple years ago, I came accross this Reddit post, and I thought “Cor, that’s interesting!”.

Some months after that I was looking for a project to learn Laravel and thought that taking the estimates from that reddit post and making a little exchange calculator would be neat. I got down to business and finished the web-app. It accepted an amount in GBP and it would show you the result in Galleons. Knuts and Sickles. It had a horrible interface, so I thought about making a webgl app with a Gringotts goblin that takes your coins and then tells you the results. Unfortunately I suffer from a severe case of ‘Engineering’ and are therefore crap at anything that has to do with design. Still, I tried to create an interface, then proceded to fail… badly. So I left as it was to gather dust.

Round Two

At the beginning of this year once again I thought about doing a project. I decided to remake the currency exchange in golang instead of PHP and also have it connect to an actual currency exchange to facilitate more currencies.

For the interface I decided to hire the fabulous Gabrielus Bubnelis to make me some art. I then created an interface in Unity WebGL, with a simpler interface for mobile(I’ll add why in a future post).

The product

Well, that is enough bollocks for now, here is wizarding.trade. In the future I’ll be doing a post about its development, lessons learned, mistakes and all that good stuff.